“Belarus: Human Rights on Hold” is part of an open-source investigation project by IPHR, Truth Hounds, and Bellingcat. After months of collection and verification of material evidence by a team of volunteers and experts, this interactive platform offers visual access to our documentation of human rights violations in Belarus.

IPHR worked with a group of legally qualified volunteers to undertake the analysis of the digital data. The team members reviewed the digital data, evaluated and assessed it against international human rights standards as set out in international human rights treaties and soft law. The volunteers made these assessments purely based on the evidence presented in the raw material (videos, photographs) and endeavoured to be as accurate as possible given the variable quality of the digital data.

This interactive map documents human rights violations which took place during and around the time of the August 2020 presidential elections. It provides a wide range of open-source evidence on violations perpetrated by the Belarusian authorities in connection with the peaceful mass protests that ensued. 

The overarching goal of this project is to ensure that perpetrators of human rights violations in Belarus are held accountable and brought to justice for their crimes. By providing evidence demonstrating the scope and gravity of the human rights violations, this project aims to support the fight against impunity in Belarus.

As a website visitor, you may report human rights violations in Belarus during and after the August 2020 events in one click, using this form.

Any submission will be treated in total confidence and anonymously. You don’t have to be logged in to your Google account to fill out this form.

Trigger warning: the map contains materials that some may find disturbing.