CASE #481
12 / 08 / 2020
  • Special Purpose Police Unit OMON
  • Traffic Police (ГАИ)
Type of violation
  • Arbitrary or unlawful arrest and/or detention
  • Beating
  • Blows with batons and/or truncheons
  • Cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
  • Damage to property
  • Procedural violations
  • Unlawful confiscation of property
  • Use of excessive force
  • Verbal abuse
International classification of violations
  • Prohibition of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
  • Right to freedom of movement
  • Right to liberty and security of person
  • Right to protection of property

Time: daytime

Place/Location: exact location unknown

Identity of the victim(s): undefined

Identity of the perpetrator(s): undefined

The video was filmed from the balcony of a residential building. In the video, three police cars blocked a black sedan, around which there were traffic police officers with truncheons.

After some time, a black minibus with no numbers arrived, people in balaclavas and black clothes with "OMON" written on their backs. They demonstrated an extremely high level of violence, ran up to the car, started shouting "Get out!" and beat the car with truncheons, trying to hit the people sitting inside through the open windows. Officers took four male passengers out of the car and beat them. Also, a woman got out of the car, no violence was used against her. The men were pushed into a minibus and taken away. At some point, the policeman took the car keys from the woman's hands.

The traffic policemen got into their cars and drove away, leaving the woman near the car.

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