CASE #477
10 / 08 / 2020
Maladzyechna / Molodechno
  • Militsiya of the Republic of Belarus (regular police of Belarus)
  • Undefined
Type of violation
  • Beating
  • Blows with batons and/or truncheons
  • Cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
  • Denial of legal rights of arrested persons
  • Physical abuse
  • Use of excessive force
International classification of violations
  • Prohibition of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
  • Right to liberty and security of person
  • Violation of rights of detained or imprisoned persons

Time: early morning, around 5 AM

Place/Location: at the Maladzyechna District Department of Internal Affairs courtyard

Identity of the victim(s): undefined

Identity of the perpetrator(s): undefined

Eyewitness videos show police officers beating detainees in the courtyard of the police station. The detainees didn’t resist and lay motionless on the ground. Not far away, other detainees were lying face down on the asphalt. Several police officers violently beat several immobile detainees on the ground with truncheons.

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