CASE #334
11 / 08 / 2020 – 14 / 08 / 2020
  • Detention Centre Personnel
  • Special Purpose Police Unit OMON
  • Undefined
Type of violation
  • Arbitrary or unlawful arrest and/or detention
  • Beating
  • Cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
  • Use of excessive force
International classification of violations
  • Prohibition of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
  • Right to liberty and security of person
  • Violation of rights of detained or imprisoned persons

Time: daytime

Place/Location: Akrestsina Detention Centre (1y zavulak Akrestsina 36A)

Identity of the victim(s): Siarhey, Yauhen, other multiple detainees

Identity of the perpetrator(s): undefined OMON officers, detention center's personnel, possibly other policemen

Interviews of people released from the Akrestsina detention centre.

Siarhey: They were beaten all the time for the first five hours. A man had a spinal fracture. Many men had wine-coloured buttocks due to beating. All detainees were beaten. 15-14 y.o. teenagers and 70 y.o. man were among detainees. An epileptic who had an epileptic seizure was not provided any medical aid.

Yauhen: Forced postures on cold land until 5 a.m. Then detainees were to face the wall from the morning until 7 p.m. A man had a cerebrovascular accident. Detainees were put numbers on their clothes, made colour signs on their heads, cut hair by a knife, tortured using electric shockers, deprived of water. In the yard of 25 m2, there were 120-125 people. More than 24 hours (until 4 a.m.), detainees were not allowed to go to a toilet. Women were threatened and yelled at.

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