CASE #321
09 / 08 / 2020
  • Militsiya of the Republic of Belarus (regular police of Belarus)
  • Traffic Police (ГАИ)
Type of violation
  • Threats (Intimidation of population)
  • Use of excessive force
International classification of violations
  • Right to freedom of peaceful assembly
  • Right to vote, to participate in free and periodic elections and in public affairs

Time: nighttime

Place/Location: Lenin Street

Identity of the victim(s): unknown

Identity of the perpetrator(s): undefined policemen

Protests in Pinsk after the elections. Protesters threw sticks, rods and other things to officiers (who were protected by shields) or kicked against shields. A police officer said that no force was used against  protesters, that they were asked  to stop throwing heavy things. This should be considered in the context. According to the Human Rights Center "Viasna", people gathered near the City Administration to get to know the results of the elections. 

At polling stations, protocols with the results were absent in violation of the law. The head of Pinsk City Department of Internal Affairs Dzmitry Karaviakousky and a representative of the city administration proposed people to choose five delegates to communicate with city leaders. The delegates did not return that evening. Instead, more servicemen arrived and started surrounding people on the square. The people offered resistance. Violent detention and beating of detainees for several days followed.

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