CASE #32
10 / 08 / 2020
  • Group 'Alpha' under the KGB of the Republic of Belarus
  • Special Purpose Police Unit OMON
Type of violation
  • Use of excessive force
International classification of violations
  • Right to freedom of peaceful assembly

Time: evening

Place/Location: Pushkinskaya str.

Identity of the victim(s): Testiony #20

Identity of the perpetrator(s):

1) Group 'Alpha' under the KGB of the Republic of Belarus – in green uniform with reflective arm stripes, black gears, green helmets with protective glasses, armed with weapons;
2) Police vans are scattered on the road blocking it;
3) Special Purpose Police Unit OMON - in total black, including helmets (with shields), gears, equipped with clubs and shields. Three types of shields: a. metal with wholes on the upper part; b. transparent plastic with vertical silver stripes; c. transparent plastic with a silver rectangular.

Forces employed: rubber bullets, light-bang grenades, gas grenades

The witness refers to this video for a chronology of events on/near Pushkinskaya highway on August 10, 2020. The video shows unarmed civilians scattered on the streets of a residential area. They are not destroying any property and are not attacking servicemen allegedly located on the other side of the road. They are chanting and clapping. The crowd does not appear to be organized or led by anyone. The video shows barricades erected made of garbage cans and flower pots, but there are no people behind them or using them for attacks. Occasionally, men throw sparklers on the road as well as throw stones at the forces. Some footage shows the wounded.

At 8:34, several men are seen dragging another man with a severely wounded foot.

At 2:39 minute mark, the video shows civilians erecting barricades of flower pots, garbage cans, and a bench.

At 3:47 minute mark, special forces shoot at civilians, who run away seeking shelter behind residential buildings. The source of the shooting is unclear as there are no servicemen or special forces who can be observed other than their cars.

At 7:21 minute mark, special forces are relocated closer to the residential buildings. Grenades are used. Servicemen are not under attack.

At the 9:43 minute mark, stones are thrown at forces, no servicemen seem to be injured. In response, they threw a grenade.

At the 10:00 minute mark, the video shows actions of special forces. They stay in groups not being under threat and are aiming fire at civilians as well as throwing grenades at them.

At the 13:40 minute mark, special forces drive civilians back; they throw grenades at them. There aren’t many civilians around, only a few dozen.

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