CASE #269
23 / 09 / 2020
  • Militsiya of the Republic of Belarus (regular police of Belarus)
  • Undefined
Type of violation
  • Use of excessive force
  • Use of water cannons
International classification of violations
  • Right to freedom of opinion and expression
  • Right to freedom of peaceful assembly

Time: daytime

Place/Location: right next to Hero City Stella along Prospect Peramozhcau

Identity of the victim(s): a large crowd of demonstrators, probably mostly people aged between 18-60 years approx since they were able to run away pretty easily as the cannons started sprinkling them. The protesters seemed to be peaceful.

Identity of the perpetrator(s): identity unknown

Use of water cannons by the police on a major arterial road of Minsk, which was blocked by police forces in the direction of Stella monument. A water cannon was driving in Niemiha direction. A large crowd of peaceful protesters that was targeted quickly flees the scene as the water cannons majorly sprinkle the demonstrators.

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