CASE #210
01 / 09 / 2020
  • Plain clothed police officers
  • Special Purpose Police Unit OMON
  • Undefined
Type of violation
  • Arbitrary or unlawful arrest and/or detention
  • Cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
  • Slapping, kicking or punching
  • Verbal abuse
International classification of violations
  • Prohibition of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
  • Right to freedom of opinion and expression
  • Right to liberty and security of person

Time: daytime

Place/Location: ulica Ulyanovskaja, near lyceum of BSU

Identity of the victim(s): young male students of the BSU lyceum

Identity of the perpetrator(s): OMON agents; men in civilian clothes, faces covered with masks; blue Volkswagen van; silver van. Both vans have no identification or license plate.

The victims are very young male students of the BSU Lyceum. They were violently abducted by OMON agents as well as by men in civilian clothes. One of the children had a white and red flag. Some struggled but were violently moved to a silver Volkswagen van with no license plate or any identification signs in front of the school gates. In front of the van's doors, women tried to oppose this illegal arrest. They screamed, tried to pull the children towards them but were each time violently pushed back by the security forces.

Another blue van arrived at the scene ( with no license plate or any identification signs) with several OMON agents on board. Once again, the few women who were present at the scene tried to oppose but they were again violently pushed back.

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