CASE #187
01 / 09 / 2020
  • Plain clothed police officers
  • Special Purpose Police Unit OMON
Type of violation
  • Abduction
  • Arbitrary or unlawful arrest and/or detention
  • Detention of minors
  • Physical assaults (other)
  • Use of excessive force
International classification of violations
  • Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion
  • Right to liberty and security of person

Time: daytime

Place/Location: ulica Ulyanovskaja 8, court yard of Lyceum of Belarusian State University.

Identity of the victim(s): students of the lyceum of BSU

Identity of the perpetrator(s): OMON agents; men in civilian clothes, faces covered with masks; blue Volkswagen van; silver van. Both vans have no identification or license plate.

OMON agents and unknown men in civilian clothes abducted students from the lyceum courtyard. The students kept tight together in defense. The abductors grabbed a few of them and pulled them out of the courtyard. One student was able to escape the abduction.

After an unsuccessful attempt to grasp the students, a perpetrator merely left him in the courtyard and walked out. The perpetrators forced the victims into a blue Volkswagen van with no license plate or any identification signs. No lyceum guards were in the observable area or tried to prevent violence.

Only several women, allegedly lyceum teachers, tried to help the victims urging the perpetrators to let them go. The perpetrators refused to cease the violence, yelled at the women, and pushed them away.

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