CASE #163
10 / 08 / 2020
Kobryn / Kobrin
Type of violation
  • Cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
  • Use of excessive force
  • Use of stun grenades (close proximity)
International classification of violations
  • Right to freedom of peaceful assembly
  • Right to Life

Time: night

Place/Location: presumably city centre (Lenin square)

Identity of the victim(s): Vladimir Tarasiuk, DOB: 1982, residence: Kobrin

Identity of the perpetrator(s): undefined OMON policemen

The victim was in the city centre, but did not participate in a protest. He moved in the direction of the noise to investigate further. On arrival at the square, he saw OMON policemen and a crowd of people in front of them. People applauded and cried "Police with the people" and "Put aside shields". There was no provocation on the part of the protestors.

The victim was some 5 meters away from the crowd; on moving in the direction of the crowd, shots sounded. A grenade bumped on his bicycle and exploded. As a result, the victim was severely wounded. Shell fragments entered the abdominal wall and right hip. He received both first and second degree burns (12%). He also developed hearing problems (two eardrum ruptures).

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