CASE #142
11 / 08 / 2020
  • Undefined
Type of violation
  • Arbitrary or unlawful arrest and/or detention
  • Beating
  • Cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
  • Murder
  • Threats (Intimidation of population)
  • Use of excessive force
International classification of violations
  • Right to liberty and security of person
  • Right to Life

Time: night

Place/Location: Brest, Moskovskaya Str., 334, in the yard

Identity of the victim(s): Genadz Shutau (Gennady Shutov; Генадзь Шутау)

Identity of the perpetrator(s): unknown

At the beginning of the video, the narrator says that on August 11 in Brest, a plainclothes policeman shot a truck driver Genadz Shutau in the back of the head. A week later, he died in a hospital without regaining consciousness. The official version of the incident says that Shutau and his friend attacked the police and tried to take away their weapons. This version is called into question by video from surveillance cameras and other evidence.

The recording of the CCTV camera starts at 00:32. At 00:42 there appears a person in anti-riot gear armed with a long-barreled weapon, most likely a shotgun. After a short fast-forward section the narrator continues: witnesses recalled the security forces who ran out of the minibus with toned windows. Perhaps it is it now in the frame.

Shutau and his friend Aleksandr Kordyikov appear on video at the 01:08 mark (22:16 in the evening) and stop near the bench. They spend more than 10 minutes there. Three persons in civilian clothes appear on video at 01:50 (22:32), the narrator calls them "tihari", which come from the word "tiho", silence, and means plainclothes police or security service officer. "Tihari" climb the stairs and stop near the bench and wait for the people to pass for one minute.

At 02:07 (22:33) two persons approach the bench, where Shutau with his friend was sitting. The narrator says that it is unclear what brought their attention, but this contradicts the official version that bikers attacked first. Also, it is clear from the video that they do not hold any weapons or weapon-like objects in their hands. It is unclear what caused the conflict. A couple of passers-by who were moving towards the group first stop and then start walking in the other direction. Probably, they were frightened by the conflict.

Group of people near the bench start to moving to the right, but then suddenly change direction to the left. At this moment, passers-by turn around. Most likely, this was the moment when Shutau was shot. After a couple of passer-bis who were moving towards the bench start to run away.

At 03:02 Kordyikov appears from behind the trees. He is pursued by one of the attackers, who fell, but got up and continued the pursuit. Koryikov managed to run away. The next day he told the owner of the garage next to his that two police officers appear from around the corner and that he and Shutau didn't see him. He also told that when he was fleeing the scene he managed to look back and to see in surprise that Shutau was apprehended already. Maybe, he was shot at that time already.

The pursue of Kordyikov was captured on another recording that starts at 03:22. We found this recording, here it is as a separate video:

This video was recorded by civilians standing on the balcony. The actions cannot be seen because it is dark but can be heard. 1. Someone shouted, "Lie down!" 2. sound of a gunshot. 3. Shout "Lie down, bastard" 4. It seems there was another gunshot, but it is not clear. The offscreen female's voice says "That [person] still lies [on the ground]", male's voice answers "Yes, it looks like they shot him". This means that Shutau was shot before Kordyikov fled and was lying on the ground wounded.

Back to the first video. The narrator says that on the short video from the balcony there are two shots heard, but witnesses say that there were three. So, it appears that Shutau was short before the person on the balcony starts recording, which is in line with what could be gathered from the video itself.

After 30 seconds at 04:12 on the video two plainclothes police officers approach Shutau lying on the ground, they are followed by two others. One of them turns a flashlight and start searching for something, most likely for the bullet sleeve.

At 04:30 mark (22:41) one of the officers start running to meet the ambulance. This moment was caught on another recording made by witnesses from the neighbouring house. This recording starts at 04:39. It captures Genadz Shutau lying on the ground in the pool of blood near the bench, where he sat together with Kordyikov. According to an eyewitness, people passing by shouted "Beard, you are a murderer" addressing a policeman in black.

A picture from the crime scene when the ambulance arrived:

Shutau was shot in the back of the head, this is written in the epicrisis in the Brest hospital, where the ambulance took him. 30 seconds after the ambulance took Genadz Shutau to the hospital all 4 plainclothes police officers fled the scene. 13 minutes after they left on a regular bus there arrives the OMON squad who start pursuing and beating people on the scene.

At 05:33 starts another recording, provided to Mediazona by eyewitnesses. It captures officers beating people and taking them to the bus with excessive use of force.

The Investigative Committee of Belarus insists that all three young men who took part in the shooting and pursuit are police officers. According to the official version, Shutau and his friend attacked the police and tried to take away their weapons. Aleksandr Kordyiukov was arrested.

Kordyukov was accused of attempted murder of a serviceman who was in civilian clothes during the protests. Kordyukov did not admit his guilt. The man who shot Genadz Shutau was a victim in the case, and the deceased himself was involved in the criminal case for resisting an employee of the internal affairs bodies. On February 25 in Brest Kordyukov was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The eyewitness in her interview to Belsat told that the person who shot Shutau didn't let people approach the crime scene, was very tense, screamed and used obscene vocabulary. The witness says that at some point some other people joined him and judging by his efforts to prevent anyone to get close to the scene she assumes that that was his colleagues. When the shooter called the ambulance the second time he said to the phone that he was attacked and he shot to defend himself. Passer-byes started approaching the scene and began to take pictures of the shooter, after which he started to cover his face with his T-shirt and started threatening by pointing his gun at civilians around him in an attempt to frighten them and make them leave.

The witness continues to say that she didn't see who shot, by judging from his behavior she assume that the person who threatened civilians with a gun. She says that Shutau was shot in the back of his head and he lied face down on the ground.

At 02:10 she starts describing the arrival of OMON on a bus. They beat and arrested people arbitrarily.

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